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  • Garden Kitchen Restaurant
  • Garden Kitchen Restaurant

Welcome to Garden Kitchen!

Great for Your Body and Your Taste Buds

Garden Kitchen is one of Houston's latest and greatest healthy eateries. We focus on making whole, live, plant-based foods delicious. Enjoy all the benefits that nature has to offer with our soups, salads, garden burgers, veggie wraps, sandwiches, cookies, chips and more.

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Juices & Smoothies

Our juices and smoothies are made from all natural raw products that taste delicious and are healthy too!


Raw Natural Food

raw foods

We offer a variety of healthy plant-based meals like wraps, pasta and soups.


Healthy Desserts

Enjoy sweet desserts and treats.


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What's This About Whole, Live, Plant-Based Foods?

Nature has provided us with the best nutrition possible. To maximize nutritional benefits, it's best to eat food in its most natural state. For example, it's better to eat a fresh apple than to drink processed apple juice with sugar. "Whole food" means eating the whole apple rather than some derivative. "Live food" means having it as fresh as possible without any processing. When you eat food in this state you will get many more vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytochemcials and other benefits from the food.

At Garden Kitchen, we help you stay healthy with food you will enjoy. Our whole, live, plant-based entrees, smoothies, snacks and desserts will keep you coming back for more. Check out our menu and order today!

- Dr Baxter Montgomery